Royal Hawaiian Center Launches TWC WiFi Service

by Oceanic WiFi Team on January 23, 2014

Thanks to a recent deployment of Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s TWC WiFi service – the largest of its kind in Waikiki – Royal Hawaiian Center guests are now able to shop, dine, and relax with the added convenience of free WiFi access.

“Previously, free WiFi was available only in the Center’s Pā`ina Lāna`i Food Court”, according to Royal Hawaiian Center general manager Marleen `Ākau, “but now our mainland and international visitors as well as our local resident customers can surf the Internet at lightning-fast speeds on the upper levels within all three blocks of Royal Hawaiian Center, along Kalākaua Avenue”.

To celebrate, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, in association with Royal Hawaiian Center, held a WiFi launch event last week which included a dine around with local celebrities, members of the media, and Time Warner Cable executives. Below are some scenes from the night.

Reigning Miss Hawaii Crystal Lee, and OC16 TV Show Host Jenn Boneza (Photo Credit: Kiman Wong)
Reigning Miss Hawaii Crystal Lee, and OC16 TV Show Host Jenn Boneza (Photo Credit: Kiman Wong)

Mobile Product Management Senior Director Vijay Venkateswaran and Wireless Director Kiman Wong (Photo Credit: Kiman Wong)
Mobile Product Management Senior Director Vijay Venkateswaran and Wireless Director Kiman Wong (Photo Credit: Kiman Wong)

Elvis with Senior Marketing Manager Shelley Thomas (Photo Credit: Anne Butac)
Elvis with Senior Marketing Manager Shelley Thomas (Photo Credit: Anne Butac)

Cheesecake selection from Cheesecake Factory (Photo Credit: Stephen Claro)
Cheesecake selection from Cheesecake Factory (Photo Credit: Stephen Claro)

Vijay Venkateswaran with Royal Hawaiian Center's Marketing Director Sam Shenkus (Photo Credit: Kiman Wong)
Vijay Venkateswaran with Royal Hawaiian Center’s Marketing Director Sam Shenkus (Photo Credit: Kiman Wong)

One of the six groups enjoying the dine around: Social Media
One of the six groups enjoying the dine around: Social Media


by Oceanic WiFi Team on October 6, 2011

Mahalo for all you’ve done for the mobile industry Mr. Jobs! Rest In Peace…

Oceanic Mobile Works Here: Ramen Ya (Pearl City)

by Oceanic WiFi Team on August 2, 2011


Posted via Oceanic Mobile

Mobile Internet speeds just got even faster! Here at Oceanic Time Warner Cable, your 4G download speeds have increased from 6 Mbps to 10 Mbps at no additional cost! With speeds up to 5 times faster than 3G, Oceanic Mobile 4G customers can download and stream media, share photos and videos online, surf the Web or e-mail at blazing-fast speeds, all over a secure Internet connection, anytime and anywhere!

Sierra Wireless w801

  • 4G is next-generation mobile broadband technology that offers the fastest mobile Internet speeds available.
  • 4G refers to the fourth generation of wireless and is a successor to 3G and 2G standards.
  • With its broader bandwidth capability, data and streamed multimedia, 4G provides a much faster speed compared to previous generations.
  • Time Warner Cable is the only provider to offer a truly unlimited 4G Mobile Internet service plan – at a great price!
  • Actual speeds may vary based on individual circumstances or conditions.

Don’t have Oceanic Mobile yet? Visit to place your order today!

Oceanic Time Warner Cable Mobile is proud to announce the release of a completely redesigned Connection Manager for Windows customers.* Rebuilt from the ground up, the new Connection Manager gives you maximum control over all of your device’s wireless connections with the click of a mouse. To install the new software, follow the 3 easy steps below:
Connection Manager 2.0

  1. Download the new software to the computer you would like to update, from here.
  2. Uninstall the current version of the Connection Manager software (you may be required to reboot your computer).
  3. Install the new software you just downloaded.

That’s it! Now you can manage your wireless connections, track your usage, control your auto-connecting and auto-launching options, and set your roaming rules, all with ease!

* Connection Manager 2.0 is not compatible with the Franklin Wireless CMU-300 device and is currently only available for Windows 7, Vista (SP2), and XP (SP3) users.

Quick Thoughts on Oceanic Mobile’s 4G Internet

by Oceanic WiFi Team on February 10, 2011

Quick Thoughts on Oceanic Mobile's 4G Internet
by Nathan Kam

When my friend Ed Sugimoto asked if I’d be interested in test driving Oceanic’s Mobile internet service on its 4G network, my immediate response was “I’d love to, but I’m a long time Hawaiian Telcom DSL customer. Can I do that?” He confidently reassured me that it would be fine, that he’d appreciated my feedback on the experience, and that I’d probably enjoy the mobility of the service. So I graciously accepted this free trial and challenged Ed to hit me with his best shot.

Ala Moana Beach Park/Magic Island

Well, in just 24 hours of using the mobile internet service at various locations around Honolulu, I have to say I’m really liking the experience. So much so, that I wrote this blog post on my MacBook Pro from my car in the Magic Island/Ala Moana Beach Park parking lot today (see photo above).

In the few hours I’ve been playing around with Oceanic Mobile, here’s the things I’m like so far:

  • IT’S FAST! The 4G connectivity is really quick. Streaming from Hulu and watching YouTube videos is no problem. Surfing the web and posting blogs is efficient and fast.
  • IT’S CONVENIENT! The fact that you’re always connected to the internet is pretty awesome. I love my iPhone and the web experience available there. But being able to fire up your laptop and get to work wherever you may be is pretty awesome. I can get used to this.
  • SOLID COVERAGE! Okay, so I’ve only used it at about four locations around Honolulu so far, but the connectivity has been great. I’ve had no issues getting on the 4G network from downtown Honolulu, Nico’s at Pier 38, Ala Wai Golf Course, and here at Magic Island.

I plan to do a more comprehensive wrap-up once my trial is over. For now, you can follow Oceanic’s blog to see where I’m using the service and where other testers like me are staying connected.

Finally, a quick question to you. Are you using any mobile internet services? If so, which one and how do you like them?

Nathan Kam

Posted by @nathankam.

Road Runner Mobile Refer-A-Friend Program
Road Runner Mobile Refer-A-Friend Program

Following the success of the Road Runner residential and Home Phone Refer-A-Friend programs, Oceanic Time Warner Cable is pleased to present the Refer-A-Friend program for Road Runner Mobile Internet! Now you can get rewarded for what you’ve been doing all along… Spreading the word about Road Runner Mobile Internet service from Oceanic Time Warner Cable!

If you are a current Road Runner Mobile Internet customer in good standing, and you refer a new, Road Runner Mobile Internet customer who signs up for service from Oceanic Time Warner Cable here in Hawaii, you’ll get one FREE month of Road Runner Mobile Internet service in the form of a service credit on your monthly bill! In other words, for each NEW referral you send through this program, you’ll get credit for another free month of service! How great is that!?

Cool! What do I need to do?

  1. Spread the word about Road Runner Mobile Internet to your friends or family.
  2. Create an account username and password on the Refer-A-Friend web site (you must have your Oceanic Time Warner Cable account number found on your cable bill), and submit the referral form after logging in.
  3. Sit back and watch your FREE credits roll on in!

Road Runner Mobile Refer-A-Friend Program:

Our New Commercial: IntelliGo: Faster [Video]

by Oceanic WiFi Team on October 4, 2010

Here’s a look at our new commercial spot for the IntelliGo. Order now and the first month is FREE!

Order now and the first month is FREE!

Scenes from the IntelliGo Launch Party!

by Oceanic WiFi Team on August 3, 2010

Scenes from the IntelliGo Launch Party!
by Edward Sugimoto

Late yesterday afternoon, my homey at the Star-Advertiser asked me if I had a blog ready to go for today as they were planning on posting my mug in the print version of the paper again. Apparently, the demand to see my face again was that overwhelming.


I wish. But yeah, a fella can dream right?

Regardless, bruddah ovah hea had to be ready with a blog, so I did what any red-blooded American would do in a crisis situation. Cry.

After wiping away my tears, I was able to regroup and figure out what I was going to blog about…

Last week Thursday, Oceanic Time Warner Cable and Road Runner Mobile held their Official IntelliGo Launch Party – at the Road Runner Music Hall – to introduce their newest wireless product to the public: The IntelliGo. The IntelliGo is their shiny/sparkly wireless device that acts as a personal mobile hotspot, providing a WiFi signal for up to 5 of your friends. (Click here for more info about the IntelliGo).

Various members of the media (both traditional and social media), current customers, contest winners, etc. were invited to this exclusive event which included free giveaways, ono kine grindz, and live entertainment from two killer local bands: Busekrus and Elephant! Check out the scenes and commentary below!

Sixty bags of goodies went just like that! Apologies to the late comers who weren’t able to score one! :(

60 bags of goodies to be given away to everyone who attended
60 bags of goodies to be given away to everyone who attended

And here’s a shot of the bags (with the IntelliGo poster in the background) from one of @ParkRat‘s tweets!

Photo from @ParkRat's tweet
Photo from @ParkRat’s tweet

What kinda goodies were inside? Check it!

Goodie Bag Contents
Goodie Bag Contents

The calm before the storm. Busekrus doing sound check before the Road Runner Music Hall gets packed!

Busekrus doing sound check
Busekrus doing sound check

What we were all there for: the IntelliGo (and Road Runner Mobile) signage.

IntelliGo and Road Runner Mobile signage
IntelliGo and Road Runner Mobile signage

The Road Runner Mobile logo getting some air-time on the big screen.

Road Runner Mobile logo on the big screen
Road Runner Mobile logo on the big screen

The scene from the other side of the Hall: Two staffers relaxing before show time.

Two staffers relaxing before show time
Two staffers relaxing before show time

@HawaiiRealty tweets a shot of her VIP pass!

Photo from @HawaiiRealty's tweet
Photo from @HawaiiRealty’s tweet

Big Mahalo to Lanakila Pacific’s Xpress Chefs for doing an amazing job with the eats! Based on what I was hearing, the Stuffed Mushroom Caps were probably the biggest hit of the night. :)

Catered food from Xpress Chefs
Catered food from Xpress Chefs

@johngarcia snaps a twitpic of the stage just before showtime. The anticipation mounts!

Photo from @johngarcia's tweet
Photo from @johngarcia’s tweet

With the room packed, we were ready to go! Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s VP of Marketing Alan Pollock kicks off the show!

VP of Marketing Alan Pollock with some introductory statements
VP of Marketing Alan Pollock with some introductory statements

Standing room only! Busekrus starts the night with some acoustic sounds.

Busekrus on stage
Busekrus on stage

Here’s @johngarcia‘s shot of Busekrus from the front. Yep, that’s @Mel808 tweeting away on her iPad.

Photo from @johngarcia's tweet
Photo from @johngarcia’s tweet

@OceanicCable gets in on the (Tweeting) act with this crowd shot.

Photo from @OceanicCable's tweet
Photo from @OceanicCable’s tweet

Just outside, the media conducted one on one interviews with some of our guests. Here’s Maribel getting ready for her interview.

Maribel before her interview
Maribel before her interview

Recognize her? Yep, she’s the one from the Road Runner Mobile “And Here” commercial! :)

Maribel the actress
Maribel the actress

Back inside, @ParkRat and @maliachu get their hands on the IntelliGo!

Photo from @HawaiiIRL's Facebook
Photo from @HawaiiIRL’s Facebook

Then it was time for the second band to take the stage: Elephant. Wow! Lead singer Kevin Jones (who, oh-by-the-way, is also a Star 101.9 personality) has gots some serious pipes!

Elephant's front man Kevin Jones belting away
Elephant’s front man Kevin Jones belting away

All too soon, it was over! Check out @HawaiiIRL‘s hilarious cartoon about the long hallways from the Road Runner Music Hall (featuring @Melissa808, @Mel808, and @johngarcia)! LOL!

Photo from @HawaiiIRL's tweet
Photo from @HawaiiIRL’s tweet

A big Mahalo to Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s VP of Marketing Alan Pollock and Road Runner Mobile’s Wireless Director Kiman Wong for helping to make this event a possibility. Also to the Marketing department (both locally and at the corporate level) for donating all of the great gifts and giveaways. Big ups to James Avis and Kevin Jones of Clear Channel Communications for the support, as always, and to Caroline Witherspoon and Malia Chung (and Marichris Diga) of Becker Communications for your media support as well. A special thanks to all of our guests spanning the local community… from our current Road Runner Mobile customers, to Hawaii’s social media leaders like @Bytemarks @DigitalSignGuy @HawaiiRealty @johngarcia @ktpoy @Mel808 @Melissa808 @ParkRat @peterkay and @ryankanno. Much love everyone!

* For more information about Road Runner Mobile, please see or
* Tune in to in a few days to watch the encoded version of the event in its entirety.
* Check out the 3:11 mark of the following video to see @Melissa808 reveal the swag that was given away that night.

Mix It Up – Episode 13

WOWZAS! That was a lonnng one! Thanks for hanging in there and reading it all. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Posted by @worldwideed.

RR Mobile vs Sprint vs Clear Pricing Comparison on 3G/4G Mobile Wi-Fi
by Russ Sumida

Since I am currently not under contract with any provider and Oceanic Time Warner announced the release of their @rrmobile service and their Intelligo router I decided to try and compare the pricing for these services to see which one is actually the best buy.

The assumption here is that all three are exactly the same service technically and that the only difference between the three is pricing. It is from that perspective that I did some calculations (with the help of my wife @mel808, well ok, she actually did all the calculations, I am just writing the blog entry) and here are the results.

The way the three companies have chosen to price this service/equipment is very different from each other but all required a two year contract commitment and so the analysis is done on the total price of the service over two years.

NOTE: I am currently a Road Runner subscriber and therefore the comparisons are made from that perspective. If you are not a RR subscriber then the analysis that we did here does not apply. Neither of the two other services offered a discount as far as we could tell based on being current subscribers to their service.

In looking at the services it was easy right off the bat to see that Sprint would be the most expensive. Their price for nationwide 4G/3G coverage was $59.99/month and that didn’t even include the fact that you need to still buy the equipment.

RR Mobile vs Sprint vs Clear Pricing Comparison on 3G/4G Mobile Wi-Fi
Sprint Monthly Rate (Click to enlarge)

Clear was a little more complicated since they offered both a purchase your equipment option as well as a lease option. We used the lease option so that we were able to somewhat compare apples to apples because with the lease option if something goes wrong with your equipment you can get it taken care of as with purchasing insurance with @rrmobile as you’ll see.

Clear has an online special going on right now too where you get the first month free which is reflected in the screen cap here.

RR Mobile vs Sprint vs Clear Pricing Comparison on 3G/4G Mobile Wi-Fi
(Click to enlarge)

So for $55 + $5.99 per month you get the service and the equipment and the equipment is covered because it is a lease. You don’t own the equipment though. You also get a discount of $27.50 for the first two months which is how they are giving the “free month discount”.

Now lets do some math. 23 months (2 year contract with 1 month free) x $60.99 = $1,402.77

Now lets look at the Oceanic Time Warner solution (ordering options). Theirs requires a purchase of the equipment at $99 but they are also offering a $50 rebate so the net cost of the equipment (I know we don’t get back the tax part but that is too much math for me) is $49. They are also charging for shipping so add on another $13.65 to the one time cost of the equipment as well.

Because you own the equipment they offer an equipment protection plan for $3.99/month that will cover theft, damage, etc. BTW – I looked at the “more info” link and it isn’t covered if war is declared or nuclear disasters. Wouldn’t you think that if you were close enough to a nuclear disaster you would have bigger things to worry about than having your wireless router replaced? Anyways, I digress.

Now as mentioned above I am a current Road Runner subscriber so my monthly price is $49.95/month as shown below.

RR Mobile vs Sprint vs Clear Pricing Comparison on 3G/4G Mobile Wi-Fi
(Click to enlarge)

So we do the math here and 24 months x ($49.95 + $3.99) = $1,294.56 + cost of equipment $49 + $13.65 = $1,357.21

The end result over a two year period is that the Oceanic Time Warner solution will be cheaper by $45.56 and you own the equipment.

So theoretically it could be sold after the contract is up and you could save even more. Also, additional savings of $3.99 x 24 months could be subtracted if you didn’t want to pick up the additional equipment protection which is an additional $95.76 savings. I kind of want the protection because it is a mobile device and I plan to kick the crap out of it. Hahaha. Nah, just kidding @rrmobile if you’re reading this! I treat my equipment really well, but do plan to use this a lot in the field.

One more thing to note, the Oceanic Time Warner plan comes with both unlimited 4G AND 3G. The others have a 5GB limit on them before there are additional charges. Now, that is a lot of data, but still thought I would note that there is that difference also.

In any case, I wanted to do this because there has been an ongoing discussion on why choose one over the other since it is all the same technical service. This helped me a lot and I think I am ready to “click that button” now. Please let me know if you see something I missed, even though it may be too late by that time.

NOTE: I was NOT paid nor compensated by @rrmobile in any way. Well maybe that is not completely true. They did provide entertainment and some good pupus at their launch event that I did partake in. Oh yeah, and a cool swag bag (check out Segment 1) with some RR logo items in it. In case things like that actually matter to you and make a difference on how you live your life.

Posted by @ParkRat via myMobile Hawaii

Scenes from our IntelliGo Launch Party

by Oceanic WiFi Team on August 2, 2010

Scenes from Our IntelliGo Launch Party

The Oceanic Time Warner Cable Production staff did an excellent job putting together this piece about our IntelliGo Launch Party. The launch party took place on July 29, 2010 at the Road Runner Music Hall where members of the media (traditional and social media), current Road Runner Mobile customers, key employees and partners, and more, were all in attendance. Watch the video above for some highlights!

Check out @worldwideed’s coverage of the launch event as well!

Late last month, Oceanic Time Warner Cable introduced an exciting, new product to add to the Road Runner Mobile lineup. Nicknamed IntelliGo, the Sierra Wireless W801 Personal Mobile Hotspot acts like a portable mini-router and allows you to share your Road Runner Mobile connection – on the go! – with up to 5 friends via standard Wi-Fi connectivity.

The IntelliGo, from Oceanic Time Warner Cable
The IntelliGo, from Oceanic Time Warner Cable

Dimensions and Features

This portable little device (3.15″ x 3.15″ x 0.61″ and 4.6 oz) has a 1.4″ LCD display (displays key messages like your SSID and password, battery level, and amount of connected users), and comes with an 1800mAh battery (est. 6 hours of use) and USB/AC charger. There is also a microSD slot that can hold a card of up to 32GB. See below for a diagram and a hands-on video of the IntelliGo.

Diagram of the new IntelliGo
Diagram of the new IntelliGo

IntelliGo – Sierra Wireless W801 Personal Mobile Hotspot Unboxing

Technical Specs

Technically speaking, the IntelliGo receives in both 4G (WiMax – 2.5GHz) and 3G (CDMA – 800/1900 MHz) frequencies and transmits Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) using the 802.11 b/g standard protocols.

What does this mean exactly? In layman’s terms, this simply means that the IntelliGo will get the greatest coverage (both 4G and 3G) wherever you go, and will share that via a common Wi-Fi signal that many of your devices already speak to.

Several examples of Wi-Fi devices that you might use are:

  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • iPads
  • Mobile phones (e.g. iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Garmin Nuvifone, etc.)
  • iPod Touch
  • Nintendo DS
  • Sony PSP
  • Eye-Fi SD memory cards
  • Microsoft Zune

Easy Set Up

The IntelliGo is really, REALLY easy to set up. Out of the box, all you would have to do is pop in the battery and hold down the power button to turn the puppy on. It will go through its cycle for a few seconds and display your default SSID (network name) and password on the external display (you can edit these in the settings later). Since it’s shooting out standard Wi-Fi, there isn’t any software to install device(s)!

Ed’s Tip: On the initial setup, I would recommend you use a laptop (something with a larger screen), as the setup wizard will guide you through several screens to configure your settings. I used my HTC EVO 4G (mobile phone) initially, and, although I was still able to get it done, it was a little tricky reading text and hitting buttons.

Once the IntelliGo powers up completely and has your default SSID and password displayed, go to your laptop and scan for new wireless networks. Select the IntelliGo’s SSID (named “TWC4GMobile-xxx”) and enter the password provided (a series of 6 random numbers). The LCD screen will then prompt you to open a web page, which will automatically redirect you to the Time Warner Cable’s Terms of Service page, which you must review and accept. This is a one time process.

One time Agreement screen
One time Agreement screen

Once you have accepted the terms of service, you’re “All G”, unless you would like to configure your device further (change the SSID, password, encryption method, etc.).

Ed’s Tips: By default, the device uses WEP encryption. Probably for compatibility reasons (with older devices). I would recommend changing that to WPA or WPA2, as long as your connecting devices are compatible. I would also recommend changing the default SSID and password to something more personal and secure (the default 6 digit password is easy to crack). Lastly, I would recommend changing the default administrative password (“password” is used to access the IntelliGo’s administrative portal).

All of the above can be accessed by going to the administrative portal at http://twc4gmobile ( while connected to the IntelliGo. This admin backend acts much like the backend on your Linksys wireless router at home.

The IntelliGo's Administrative Portal
The IntelliGo’s Administrative Portal

Via this backend, you can also set up and control two other neat features of the IntelliGo: 1) GPS, and 2) the microSD Card.

You can use the GPS to find local points of interest, like hotels, restaurants, banks and gas stations. You can even pull up local Time Warner Cable offices! Sweet! With the microSD card configured, you can share files, music, pictures and more to your 5 connected devices.

If anything I wrote above went right over your head and confused you even more, here’s a more practical (and visual) look at what the IntelliGo (Sierra Wireless W801) is and how you can use it. It’s Hawaii’s resident tech expert Peter Kay breaking things down in simple, easy-to-understand terms in his video below.

Peter Kay’s Testimonial

Exciting huh? The IntelliGo is a pretty powerful device that I, personally, have been having a lot of fun playing with, and sharing with anyone and everyone who will listen. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me using the form to the right or post a comment below.

If you’d prefer to educate yourself, feel free to check out one of the following, pertinent links:

If you can’t contain your excitement and know this is something you really want… NEED even 😛 , visit the ordering options page where you can order directly online via My Account, complete an inquiry form for a follow up, chat with one of our online reps, or call Oceanic Time Warner Cable direct.

Ready for some 4G/Wi-Fi fun? On your mark… Get Set… IntelliGo Go GO!

Great News!
If you order between now and June 30th, 2011 (with a two year contract), you can have the IntelliGo for just $49 ($50 mail in rebate).Order Road Runner Mobile Here

A 4G Breakfast

by Oceanic WiFi Team on June 28, 2010

A 4G Breakfast
A 4G Breakfast

by Peter Kay

Here’s a simple example of how the 4G network really changes everything.  Just the other day I had a 1030am client meeting. In the old days, I would have normally dropped my kids off at school at round 7ish, headed back to the office until about 10am when I would leave for the meeting.   The back and forth commute (school-office-office-client) would cost be about an hour of time but this would be offset by the productivity advantage.

No more.

This time, I dropped the kids off and then found the nearest location to the client office where I could sit down.   In this specific case, I got free covered parking at Ward Centre, then grabbed a table right outside Mocha Java. Didn’t cost me anything (I usually grind/brew coffee at home in the morning) and I enjoyed delightful time with broadband connectivity.

Now as it turned out, I decided to treat myself to a French toast breakfast, but that was just icing on the cake.

So here’s the point: having what’s essentially island-wide wifi gives you a whole new level of increased productivity and freedom. It really does change the way you work.

Posted by Peter Kay via Road Runner Mobile

Haili's Hawaiian Foods on Ward Avenue
Haili’s Hawaiian Foods on Ward Avenue

If I need to meet with a client in the Kaka’ako district, my first choice of venue for lunch is Haili’s Hawaiian Food on Auahi Street between Ward Warehouse and Centers, across from Dave & Buster’s. The area has a lot of traffic and I’m not talking about the people and their vehicles, but the traffic we don’t see. Surrounded by restaurants, movie theaters, and offices; the unseen airwaves are loaded with wireless traffic. 

Despite the congestion, RR mobile quickly connected and maintained speed for me to seamlessly demo a website for a client. All I can say is, “beep, beep”!


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Kakaako Waterfront Park
Kaka’ako Waterfront Park

No, you won’t find me sitting on a cardboard sliding down a hill with my Dell mini on my lap. But, I did climb the highest peak to test the Road Runner Mobile service and received full bars. Now, had I slid down the hill as many of you probably anticipated, the Dell mini would have been FUBAR!


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Announcing the Sierra Wireless W801 Personal Mobile Hotspot! Create your own personal Mobile Hotspot, wherever you go. Now you can share the power of our super fast mobile network with 5 of your closest friends, family members or co-workers. No need to hang a Mobile Card out of the side of your laptop. Just turn it on, connect to the Wi-Fi network name displayed on the LCD screen, and you are ready to surf.

Starting today, Oceanic Time Warner Cable customers who sign a 2-year contract can purchase this exciting, new mobile hotspot device for just $49 (after a $50 mail-in rebate). Click here for ordering options.

Here are 5 Hot Tips to know about the IntelliGo, the Sierra Wireless W801 Personal Mobile Hotspot:

  1. Connects up to 5 Devices. Surf, download, share files with friends, family, co-workers or Wi-Fi enabled devices, all at once.
  2. Portable. Easily fits into a coat pocket, purse or briefcase.
  3. Easy to set up. Just turn it on and you’re connected to the TWC 4G Mobile network.
  4. 4G-fast. Fast mobile hotspot with 4G speed where available, 3G nationwide.
  5. GPS-enabled. Find local points of interest, like hotels, restaurants, banks and gas stations.

Bonus Feature: Use the SD Card Slot to share files, music, pictures and more from your SD card with up to 5 connected devices.

Watch the unboxing video below for a hands-on look at the IntelliGo.

Unboxing of the IntelliGo

To order, click here or call 643-2337 today.

Road Runner Mobile Works Here: Fresh Cafe

by Oceanic WiFi Team on June 24, 2010

Fresh Cafe
Fresh Cafe

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, conference rooms are often coffee shops, and one of the best in the Honolulu area is Fresh Cafe. The difference between Fresh Cafe and other national franchises, to me has little to do with the coffee as much as it has to do with the people. 

A quick search for available WiFi in the area discovered at least a dozen other services buzzing, fortunately the Road Runner provided me with the speed I needed to send emails, update a website, and of course post to Twitter before my meeting. 


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Road Runner Mobile Works Here: Pearlridge Gardens & Tower

by Oceanic WiFi Team on June 16, 2010

Pearlridge Gardens & Tower
Pearlridge Gardens & Tower

If a mobile internet device does not work in your home, which, for many entrepreneurs and teleworkers is also your office, it’s difficult to justify a purchase. Fortunately for me, the Road Runner Mobile works on the property of Pearlridge Gardens & Tower.


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Road Runner Mobile Doing Its Civic Patriotic Duty

by Oceanic WiFi Team on June 3, 2010

Road Runner Mobile Doing Its Civic Patriotic Duty
by Peter Kay

On the first Thursday of every month you can (should!) attend a Neighborhood Board Meeting at the Aina Haina Public Library.  I just so happen to be a board member and am proud to report that the RRmobile 4G network is doing its Patriotic Civic Duty.


I use my laptop to record each meeting’s audio proceedings (you can access all of them via the Neighborhood Board #2 Web site) and many times situations come up during the meeting when we really need Internet access.

Case in point:

Just a few minutes ago, the State Civil Defense was making a presentation about disaster preparedness. The speaker referred to the state’s web site for more information. I wanted to verify that site so I could share it with the others present. I could not have done this without my RRmobile 4G access.

Many times the discussions refer to news articles that I need to bring up.  Other times we need to present Google maps, especially with street view.  Having wifi-like speeds really makes this a breeze.  

BTW I clocked this badboy at:

Download Speed: 5375 kbps (671.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 143 kbps (17.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

See our location below. Join us next month!

Road Runner Mobile Doing Its Civic Patriotic Duty
View Larger Map

Posted by Peter Kay via Road Runner Mobile

The Unexpected Client Demonstration

by Oceanic WiFi Team on June 1, 2010

The Unexpected Client Demonstration
by Peter Kay

I’ve learned now to always bring my laptop with me no matter how unlikely it seems to be needed. Today that played itself out as it does so many times.

There I was in a client meeting in Kailua, right next to the marsh (see map below) and we were discussing creative, strategic issues. One of the folks in the meeting started referring to what they had seen on YouTube and suddenly the conversation really zoomed into this discussion about the videos they had seen.

Only one problem. No YouTube computer.

To the rescue! I whip out ye olde trusty laptop. Guess what? Road Runner Wifi Hotpot shows up! The signin web page shows up and I’m off and running. (Slight disappointment as I was going to show off my coolness 4G RRmobile superfast high speed thingamagiggy).

Well as it turned out, the wifi connection, while real, was not so hot.

So I disappeared into a nearby phone booth and put on my Mr. Computer Minute Guy superhero outfit, quickly returning with my 4G USB stick in hand. I performed a brief dramatic ceremony as I connected it to my laptop (you know, a rain dance, whole burnt offerings, small animal sacrifices, the whole bit) and voila!

Full strength 4G wireless pops up and I’m connected, ripping at lightning speeds. Now we’re not just talking about the YouTube, we’re YouTubing it. Everyone is impressed. Once again I claim to be an X-Men mutant with mysterious superpowers. Once again the day is saved.

And the Road Runner 4G network was there [below] for me.

The Unexpected Client Demonstration
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Some of you asked “What YouTube was it?”, well, I can’t share that due to client confidentiality but HOWEVER I will share a favorite of mine that goes out to all my geek friends:

Weird Al Yankovic – White & Nerdy

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